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CakePHP Application Development for Cake PHP Framework

CakePHP is a rapid application development framework modeled partly after Ruby on Rails and has a robust development community.

The latest version released this year is 2.4.2 and the framework comes with translations, database access, caching, validation, authentication and other facilities that make the CakePHP framework friendly to its users.

CakePHP does not require complex XML or YAML files to work correctly with databases and is a very secure framework that comes with inbuilt SQL injection prevention, XSS prevention, CSRF prevention and other security measures.

Our CakePHP Framework Development Services

OPS has used CakePHP to develop applications for a wide range of industries including hospitality, gaming, and social media networking and of course, ecommerce. CakePHP’s inbuilt security features make it appealing for company intranets where security has a very high priority.

Our developers are not only experts in developing applications based on CakePHP, but they also are adepts at fully leveraging the benefits of the framework in innovative manners.

CakePHP Framework Web Application Development

We ensure:

Our Exhaustive CakePHP Application Development Solutions

Our expert developers engage regularly in and offer the following services:

OPS has a skilled resource pool consisting of talented CakePHP developers who have been working with the framework since its inception. Hi-Tech assures you of timely project development and an unparalleled client experience that will make you a partner for life, once you hire us for a project.

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