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Rich Internet Applications Development Services

Rich Internet Application (RIA) provides the user with an interface which is faster and more responsive than other applications. RIAs are web applications that are loaded with features and functions of desktop applications. They help to enhance user satisfaction and productivity by providing outstanding user experience.

Rich Internet Application

Rich Internet Application development is undertaken only by highly experienced companies since in using RIAs, clients need to download and install the software on their systems, and this has security implications that need to be addressed appropriately and adequately.

RIA delivers a variety of features including word processors, videos, online games and mobile applications. The installed software downloads updates, verifies and executes the RIA.

OPS a reputed Rich Internet Application Development Company that has all the resources with strong technical knowledge and the latest infrastructure that it takes to create engaging and safe RIA.

Benefits of our RIA Solutions:

Our RIA Development Services include:

RIA development with technologies like Adobe Flash, Microsoft Silverlight, Apache Flex, Java, Java FX, or with HTML5/JavaScript shall be used to develop applications that are beyond traditional web technologies; they may be used to simplify complex processes like registration, data analysis and online shopping.

We have skilled and talented RIA developers who can provide you with the portability, scalability, user experience, safety, and superior accessibility expected from RIAs.

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