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Web, Mobile & Application Development Services

OPS is a well-known IT outsourcing and software development company based in India. We have an established list of clientele across the world including US, UK, and Europe, and a stellar track-record in providing software consulting and application development services.

While we are flexible in our approaches and are ready for any IT requirement that you might have, our standard offerings are as follows:

Enterprise Solutions

Proper enterprise data management and other enterprise application services increase business efficiency and contribute to increasing operational efficiencies and reducing wasteful expenses of time, money and efforts. Enterprise application services remain at the core of adapting businesses and their processes to the information age, and to build and sustain business competitiveness. We provide the care that you deserve.

Web Design & Development

The web development team at OPS is highly experienced and regularly handles heavy workloads. We deal with a wide range of web development needs ranging from simple websites to the development of advanced web services, commerce gateways, and full-scale content management systems. Our developers produce clean and secure code that your business can trust to do its work.

Software Development Software Development

OPS has been in the field of software development for close to two decades and our team has been through all standard OS and challenges, and know the strengths and limitations of different platforms. We are extremely confident of our software development team and are sure that we can meet any standard or non-standard requirement that you might have and which is possible to be done with currently available technologies.

Application Development

At OPS we have top-notch software application developers well-versed with all standard software operating platforms and development environments. We develop and manage software applications for our clients and provide as much focus to the finished product, as to the steps used in the development process.

Mobile Application Development Mobile Application Development

Mobile application development has its own sets of advantages and limitations, as do most other software development fields. With mobiles the greatest challenges are to build cross platform applications as well as cross-browser compatibilities, as today’s mobile applications commonly act as gateways to cloud-based services, or web based services.

Hire Developers Hire Developers

We provide dedicated development centers for clients who wish greater control over their staff and projects, and provide development centers fitted with the best facilities. We handle the staff and administration for you the way you like it, and assure the best recruits and quality services.

Our team provides the expertise and proven best practices to deliver successful integration solutions, regardless of platform or industry.

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