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OPS Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Hi-Tech Enterprise Resource Planning

Before starting any business or enterprise, you have to have resources in sufficient amount. Without smooth inflow of resources, an enterprise soon begins to lose its foundation. The market only entertains those who have enough resource to survive and sustain themselves in today’s fierce competitive world. Hi-Tech’s ERP i.e. Enterprise Resource Planning comes to your rescue in such a case. ERP helps plan your resources in an optimized way and assists in overall resource management.

Hi-Tech aligns its needs to industry needs and assists in selection of ERP vendor. It validates business designs around people and offers end-to-end implementation.

Hi-tech reviews existing state of ERP as well as tracks post implementation review. It betters ERP Governance and helps implement efficient frameworks based on industry standards. The company aims at drastically reducing the transaction & processing time, cost and efforts.

ERP Solutions

What is ERP?

  • Available for clients with 10 to 10,000 users
  • Strategic focus & calculated contribution to client’s vision & execution
  • Conscious efforts to reduce IT costs without compromise on quality
  • Deliver deployments that support growth in future
  • Replete with knowledge of present and upcoming functionalities
  • Real-time data integration
  • Achievable ROI
  • Analyze, calculate and build cost identification & charging systems
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Execution Methodology

  • Planning & Analysis
  • ERP implementation
  • Data Migration
  • Integration & Testing
  • Goes Live


  • HR & Payroll customized modules
  • Inventory Production planning/ Costing
  • Finance Sales Purchase Inventory

Scope of Modules

  • Sales
  • Finance
  • Inventory
  • Costing
  • Production
  • Purchase
  • HR & Payroll

Salient Features

Salient Features of Hi-Tech ERP

Quantitative Gains

  • Reduced time in book closing
  • Low inventory cost
  • Better visibility of inventory, production & credit restriction on customers
  • Lowered inventory carrying cost
  • Business processes standardized
  • Reduced manual efforts
  • Segregation of duties
  • Integrate people, process & technology
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Framework for Monitoring

Ensure a project is backed by Integrated Project Work-plan. This helps in conducting multi-level analysis; tracking growth; month & quarterly reporting and steering committee meetings. Publish weekly status reports; form a Coordination Team; schedule reviews and ensure a sign-off process.

Report & Control

Project Manager keeps a tab on the following events:

  • Risk log
  • Project implementation status
  • Goals set for next week
  • Achievement of the week

Knowledge Transfer and Training

  • A 3-phase training session for core team members
  • Core team is divided as per modules assigned to them
  • End-user training is held
  • End-users are divided in batches according to process involvement
  • Provide post implementation support to end-users after project goes LIVE

Data Migration Methodology

There are four disparate groups:

  • HI-Tech functional
  • Hi-Tech technical
  • Legacy functional
  • Legacy technical

Conversion of Data Migration is a challenge.

  • Determine module and master data: Hi-Tech provides the templates for master and transaction data
  • Find out source system
  • Determine conversion method by analyzing volumes & level of complexity

Risk Management

Risks associated with the development of a product’s lifecycle need to be mitigated. Hi-Tech works on a belief according to which, project risks are measurable. There are different project management strategies for different project requirements. Hi-Tech conducts risk identification and mitigation jointly with its clients.

Quality Assurance

Hi-tech brings to its clients a unique mix of quality services and delivers holistic solution in quality assurance activities by initiating Project Quality Assurance Activities,; carrying out project audit & lastly preparing reports.

Responsibilities of Client Core Team

  • Offers understanding of business processes
  • Embarks on a module training; conducts testing; confirms if solutions meet client’s expectations
  • Helps with end-user training & assists in project going LIVE!
  • Handholds end users

Benefits to Hi-Tech’s Clients:

  • Lowered ownership cost
  • Bettered scalability & flexibility
  • Pursuance of operational excellence
  • User experience improved control over IT expenses
  • 20% of cost saving
  • Availability of Resource Pooling
  • Instant ramp-up & down
  • Certified resource pooling with domain expertise
  • 100% resource utilization & on-time delivery
  • Round the clock support available
  • Single point of user contact

Values Proposal

  • Offers engagement help before sales
  • SME customers are provided quick implementation
  • Lessened implementation cost & time for onsite-offshore implementation cycle
  • Services available for Project & Change Management
  • End-to-end enterprise solutions
  • Test data generation utilities
  • Time-honored service framework
  • Iterative project delivery & transparent communication

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