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OPS Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Hi-Tech Customer Relationship Managemen

Customer is the king— people into business these days take this as a thumb rule and toil hard to satisfy customers’ expectations. Thus it becomes indispensable to put customers above all others in a business organization. CRM is one such tool that handles relationship of an organization and its clients. Nurturing customer relationship is very critical to the growth of a business organization.

What is CRM?

Hi-Tech CRM

Hi-Tech Customer Relationship Management assists companies handle and manage information related to customers in the most effectual way. Hi-Tech CRM is essentially a tool that enables any management to run a business entity or an organization, productively.

Benefits to Clients

  • Engagement support before sales
  • Expertise in end-to-end enterprise solutions
  • Techniques for quick implementation for SME customers
  • Test data generation services
  • Onsite/offshore implementation cycle for reduced time & cost
  • Offers on-time Change Management services
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CRM is the result of team effort of experienced technical experts and industry knowledge. The current version of Hi-Tech CRM is N-Tier Client Server Architecture with front end is developed in MS ASP.NET. It offers scalability and user-friendliness. Backend data base is SQL Server 2008 R2 Express with augmented security and admin features.

Hi-Tech’s CRM works with a progressive approach that suits SME and large organizations. The system is constantly updated by Hi-Tech’s dedicated professionals to gain competitive edge over others. The company implements the latest technology and works with the latest standards and legal requirements.

  • Admin Module
  • Pipeline Analysis
  • Scales stage & probability analysis
  • Quota Management
Sales Force
Hi-Tech CRM
Customer Support
& Service
Reports &

GAP Analysis

  • Study plan of system requirements
  • Study document of GAP analysis
  • Implementation plan of milestone based project

Configure System

  • Design Document in Detail

Development & Testing GAP

  • Implementation Plan

Install the software

  • Software to be implemented
  • Documentation

Roles and Responsibilities

Hi-Tech works on the principal of bearing responsibilities of carrying out project implementation and management in an effectual way. For successful execution of a project, a client should cooperate in providing well-timed approval; show full engagement in project, and lastly does not shy away from giving honest views and opinion.

Value Proposition
  • Pre-sales Engagement Support
  • Implementation cycles (Onsite/offshore) for low cost; saves time
  • Project & Change Management Services
  • Proficiency in end-to-end enterprise solution
  • Customary service framework
How does Hi-Tech’s CRM add value to your project?
  • Addition of new clientswith the help of excellent contact management system.
  • With unique service tools, Hi-Tech offers its customers excellence in the form of solutions like one-stop shopping.
  • Client Retention — this enables a company to identify and reward its deserving- loyal customers & improve client retention.
Are you looking for a system that takes care of all your
customer relationship management related tasks

Why choose Hi-Tech’s CRM over others?

Hi-Tech’s Sales Force Automation drives your business’s sales and productivity wisely by providing everything you find imperative for your business’ rapid growth. Hi-Tech offers services that catapult your business ahead of others in the industry. Automation enables technical professionals to remain free of unnecessary-trivial tasks and focus more on innovative and creative tasks, thus resulting into deals and empowering relationships with customers. Hi-Tech’s SFA makes all of this much simpler.

Following tasks becomes easy to perform

With SFA implementation, you will find your professionals engaged in scaling new heights and building expertise in solving high-level problems. This will improve data sharing within team members, as they would now be in a position to share information when it is available. It will help align company’s goals and mitigate chances of redundancy.

Drive Leads

Manage Customer Accounts


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