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The Wait is Finally Over! – The Much Talked iPhone 6; Likely To Be Launched On Sept 9, 2014….!!!!

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Sept 9, 2014 – Wish we could say more!” says a British daily

This cryptic invite from Apple has set the rumor mills abuzz with the possible launch of much-anticipated iPhone 6 and the uncovering of iWatch – its highly ambitious project on wearable technology!

New iPhone 6 Launch
It is expected that Apple will launch two mobile handsets – One with a 4.7 inches screen; supposed to be called iPhone 6 and another with a 5.5 inches screen; which could be called iPhone 6L. 5.5 inches version is believed to be the largest phone handset ever launched.

Everyone is aware of the advantages iPhone app development has in the market against its competitors including Android. Hence everyone tends to search iPhone app development services first and also are hopeful that the same service provider will offer app development for other platforms too; including Android.

Apple, Pioneered the smartphone era, and as it is a proprietary platform, it announces new hardware and OS at regular intervals to lure their users in buying their new devices. We at Hi-tech promise you of excellent user experiences through exceptional technologies and value added features and functionality in its iPhone applications.

Since  long,  industry experts are pondering over its supposed innovative features & now as iPhone 6 and iWatch are all set to enter the market; here is a list of the much talked-about “what’s new” feature.

  • In our earlier article on this subject; we mentioned that Apple has used Sapphire Glass, considered as one of the toughest man-made materials, for iPhone6 screen giving it extreme durability, flexibility & making it scratch proof – a screen nearly indestructible.
  • Size of iPhone 6 has been always been a hot-topic of discussions – From the latest leaked reports, it is expected to be 158mm long by 78mm wide with a 7mm of thickness. So, though it will the largest model; it will be super-thin! (iPhone Air)
  • In fact, like its predecessor iPhone 5; it too will have the Touch ID sensors; but these ones are believed to be more powerful and advanced.
  • Some industry experts believe that though sleek; these handsets will come with powerful and faster A8 processors, enhanced RAM and battery life for unmatched user experience.
  • For those of you who love clicking photos; iPhone6 will be a treat! The cameras are believed to have an advanced protruding camera system, generally used in a SLR camera. Also, it will have an interchangeable lens.
  • It is also very likely that this new-generation iPhone will also include a heart rate sensor!
  • It is rumored to have an elegant and scratch-proof Apple Logo, made from a super-strong alloy, embedded at the back of the phone.
  • Expectation are also of a powerful Retina Display with a 1,704 × 904 resolutions
  • All this and more accompanied with an easy-to-use reversible lighting cable.
  • As expected, the fingerprint sensor used to lock and unlock the phone returns, while the charging port of the iPhone 6 now comes in the form of a Lightning connector.
  • The source also apparently claimed that a 128GB version of the phone might be available.

Other than the speculated first appearance of iPhone 6; some sources also claim that the most talked-about wearable technology “iWatch” will finally be unveiled in this upcoming historic event.

Often considered as the first step by Apple into the wearable Technology and personal luxury goods market; iWatch is believed to have some outstanding features, a cutting-edge in the foray of Smartwatches.

  • Seen as an extension of Apple’s health-kit; it is often touted as “Diet Watch” by many experts, as it comes with multiple health and fitness sensors that keep a tab on the calories count as well as on the heart rate.
  • Many sources claim that it will have a 1.5 inches screen; and can be connected with iOS devices through a Bluetooth. Hence, it will act as a companion providing call/message/email notifications along with the usual function of a watch function.
  • Also, iWatch remote controls your iOS devices – One can play and pause the songs on their iPhone and iPad.
  • Some analysts also believe that it will come with a SIRI voice control; enabling to dictate the messages directly to the iWatch!

With the entire world looking forward for some world-class, innovative and sophisticated gadgets; September is truly going to be one of the most eventful months.

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