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The Indestructible Apple iPhone 6 Endures A Barrage of Abuses – Emerges Intact

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Apple is known for its great designs and the name has become synonymous to innovation. Apple is set to add another feather in the hat, with ‘The Indestructible Glass’. The virtually indestructible screen made of sapphire has been proposed for use in Apple’s iPhone 6.

A Youtube video where a user tests the screen has recently gone viral. The video shows a 4.7” screen being bent, twisted and subjected to stabbing and scratching with knives and metal. The screen endures all this torment and emerges totally unscathed and intact. The only marks that are visible are probably the dust and fingerprints.

The glass is actually paper thin, and seems to be of the highest quality. If you have, a phone with this type of a screen, then no matter how roughly you handle it, there will be no scratches on the glass.

Apple is already using the sapphire glass to protect the tough ID fingerprint scanner on its iPhone 5 devices, and also to protect its camera. The very robust and durable sapphire glass could hence, potentially replace the Gorilla Glass and be used in all the high-end smart phones in near future.

There were reports circulating, that Apple found the idea infeasible, however this might be because the glass is expensive to produce. However all speculations were put to rest when apple recently announced its plans to open a mineral plant in Arizona in collaboration with GT Advanced Technologies (Sapphire glass experts). This sapphire crystal and sapphire glass manufacturing facility is expected to engage more than 700 employees, to manufacture indestructible screens for the next iPhone.

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