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Smarter Apps for Smart Phones

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Our devices have gotten smarter with time, and now, we rely on them to do more for us than simply connect us to the world around us. They have evolved from simply storing information to using it, simplifying our lives, making things easier. How often do we manage to remember birthdays without a little prompting from Google Calendar, or Facebook? Come to think of it, how did we ever navigate our complex urban layouts without Google Maps? We’re nearly at the brink of discarding cash altogether with the virtual wallets eliminating the need to carry any sort of currency. Heck, they even pay out the exact change!

Smarter Apps for Smart Phones

When our phones do so much right from waking us up in the morning, to measuring the calories we burnt in our morning workout, to measuring our heart rate, recommending a diet plan, a driving route with lesser traffic, reminding us of meetings, tasks, paying our bills, booking transport, telling us everything that’s happening in the world, even showing us all the cute cat videos; we recognize that now, more than ever, we are dependent on our devices to do things for us. And this trend indicates our greater dependency on our devices in the coming years.

The design of a smart phone, or any piece of wearable technology, determines its usability. And in this new world order, where the geek has indeed, inherited the earth, design transcends merely the physical design of a product and is inclusive of the product’s behavior as well. Every application, for web or mobile, manages to stay relevant to the user only so long as it stays useful.

“The core job for us at Google in this new world is about assisting users … it’s how do you get your answers fast, how do we help you get stuff done.” Aparna Chennapragada, Director at Google.

From early on, expert and experienced software solution providers have aligned themselves with a similar philosophy. They understand that app development of today is more about doing things than knowing things. And hence; they design intuitive applications that add value to the enterprise, or the individual, and not burden the user.

Their expertise with all the popular frameworks gives them the ease to develop apps for iOS, Android, and Windows mobiles. Moreover, a lot of enterprises face a major challenge while wishing to stay in step with the latest technologies, yet are not entirely sure of investing in a brand new framework altogether. These solution providers understand the dilemma and help them overcome such challenges by creating customized applications that can be integrated with their existing systems.

In keeping with the trend of being providing resources to the user on the go, it shouldn’t come as a surprise when there would be an app that helps you create a custom app for any framework of a user’s choice. And while that day doesn’t seem to be very far away in the future, you can count on these software solutions providers to have an app ready for when you need it.

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