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PHP Frameworks – The Real Heroes behind an Intuitive Application……!!

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In our technology-driven world, creating agile web and software application is one of the greatest parameters to ensure a niche position in the intensely competitive market.

Designing superior quality applications becomes a cumbersome task, however, with a set of robust PHP frameworks for application development; this task can be accomplished with much more efficiency and ease.

PHP Frameworks for Application Development

The PHP frameworks performance makes it the ultimate tool for agile and efficient web and software development. In this article, we shall list down some of the wonderful benefits that you can get from using PHP frameworks.

An impeccable MVC Pattern

Getting an impeccable MVC Pattern is one of the major benefits of PHP frameworks. This pattern makes the development extremely easy and more efficient. In other words, this PHP framework encourages a rapid application development, consequently saving your time, reducing the amount of repetitive coding; resulting into clean codes.

Database Support

Databases have become crucial part, since many sites now demand a powerful CMS. PHP is an excellent choice, since,   a majority of frameworks like Cakephp, Codeigniter, Zend etc. are compatible with and support almost all the databases like MySQL , SQL ,ODBC and Oracle.

File and code organization

Every PHP framework possesses its own file structure and certain standards. These guidelines brings down a lots of your workload. Properly organized file structure keeps various sections of the application i.e., admin,UI, core in different directory avoiding confusion and ensuring a better management.

Libraries and Utilities

PHP is loaded with N number of highly useful tools and libraries. A majority of these frameworks come with numerous useful libraries adding additional features and functionalities for your application. A few of them are:

  • Input / Output filtering
  • Session handling
  • Form validation
  • Email, pagination, Sorting calendar etc..
  • Cookie handling
  • Database extraction

Quick Query Generation

Query generation forms an important part of Core PHP – you have to manage the number of relations, tables, conditions, foreign keys etc to ensure that the query is generated properly. A single mistake can ruin the application..!!

With PHP Frameworks at your disposal, you can get rid of these things – All you require to do is to follow standards and some easy statements for the queries and leave the rest of the things on the framework.

Community Support

By employing PHP frameworks; you are assured to get a strong community support. There are various active and large community groups that have thousands of developers; thus providing constant contribution for the framework and assistance to sort out the problems.

Highly Secure

Network security is of the crucial importance – Most of the PHP frameworks have high security implementations providing CSRF protection, SQL injection prevention, and XSS protection making the application highly safe and secure.

Easy Debugging

Debugging is a cumbersome task, which if not properly performed can lead to a flawed application. Although, with PHP frameworks; it becomes very easy debug the application. They have their own specific debugging methodologies which give proper direction to the entire process and make it less troublesome.

All in all, PHP frameworks make applications more secure, interactive and intuitive guaranteeing a successful development.

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