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Increase Customer Engagement through Your Mobile Application

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Mobile app development now, is much easier as compared to recent past. But this rapid development has posed a new challenge for the app developers and businesses across the globe and that is “User Engagement”. “How to Increase Engagement through Your Mobile Application” followed with how, you not only attract users to download your application but also make them use it on regular basis?

There are chances, that your app is getting numerous downloads each month – but does that really mean people who downloaded it are using it? The answer is “NO”. A lot of downloaded apps are used only once since download and then they are either uninstalled or abandoned. If you don’t believe me – just navigate the apps in your own smartphone. Surprised…aren’t you? You would have come across at least one or more apps that you yourselves have used just once after downloading. There are various reasons to this kind of instances such as:

  • It was confusing to use
  • Didn’t have the functionality you were looking for
  • Did not offer useful and relevant content

Whatsoever may be the reason; the fact remains that those apps did not engage you as a consumer. This clearly indicates that; instead of just releasing an app and then waiting for it to succeed on its own, you certainly need to strategize and put in some extra efforts if you want all your customers to stay engaged and interested in your application’s content & features.

It is observed that people get bored of an application after the first interaction itself. As an entrepreneur or as a service or product provider, you know for sure that installed but unused apps provide no continuance to conversations about your business or brand with you customers. One more aspect to this is, in the past old pc style software never faced negligence as severely as mobile applications, do these days. The reason is that mobile apps mostly are very cost effective and operate on a small screen, this is what demands the need for an app to have tremendous and engaging user interface. Because, if you fail to make that amazing first impression; the user might delete your app and opt for the next available option in the app store.

Repeat engagement makes more sense when it comes to mobile apps. Best mobile application developers are the ones who design focusing mainly on creating user experience that entangles users to come back to your application – again and again.

If your mobile app succeeds in increasing the engagement and hence the retention ratio, that is what will help your overall user base to grow. The second benefit is that if your mobile app users are happy, they will certainly share it with their family and friends, will give better ratings and write positive reviews about your mobile apps in the app store. What else do you need?

Increase Customer Engagement through your Mobile Application

Increase Engagement through Your Mobile App

Interpret Customer Behavior

How many times your app is downloaded, knowing this is a cakewalk. But what is more important and challenging here is, to know and analyze how many of them are actively using it. Most probably, a loyal customer would open and use your app at least 2 to 3 times in any given week. By interpreting your customer’s behavior and why they are using, or not using, or even why they are using your app less than expected – certainly will help you to improve their experience, interpret your customer’s behavior and thereby increase your customer’s engagement levels.

User experience should take front seat in your Mobile apps development process

First-use experience is one of the most controversial and misunderstood aspect of mobile apps development process. A lot of apps get used only once or twice which is a clearindication that there is something wrong with the first use experience with these mobile apps – mostly.However; it evidently points out to the fact that user’s first time experience with any of the mobile app is and will be different from the fifth or sixth experience – and is different from the 10th and 12th experience!

Every time your user utilizes the mobile app, they leave behind some learning for you and the mobile app developers, which can and should be collected and used further for mobile apps development process in a well-organized and structured manner. The mobile app interface getting utilized progressively according to user’s current level of expertise – is an added advantage. To make it simple let’s say, your app should treat new users exactly the way a teacher hand holds a student, navigating them across the subject to increase their knowledge.

Great Interface Design certainly helps

Everyone around is talking about mobile apps, but the truth is that one of the most ignored or neglected feature of any mobile application is the interface. Cost constrains or launch dates whatsoever may be the reason – but the truth is that mobile interfaces are ignored – big time. Everyone tends to forget that user interfaces, good or bad, mobile phones or websites, televisions or automobiles – exist everywhere for everything.

Researches have shown that behind every frustrated app user, there is a poorly designed user interface. Mobile app developers are supposed to design something, which in true sense is “easy and convenient”. As in they need to think twice about how their customers are going to use the app and hence, need to make efforts in that direction. I would go to the extent of saying that mobile app development is art and science – both.

Push Notifications that work to your advantage & bring customers back

Mobile push notifications are supposed to engage customers, even if the app is inactive. Enlisted, a few good push notification marketing technique that can enhance app engagement:

Offers are amongst the most lucrative ways to attract your customers. Every customer is looking out for a good deal for anything they want or need, and appreciate if they get a chance to bargain. Create more:

  • Offers
  • Marketing campaigns
  • Promotions
  • Product launch and updates

Keep alerting your customers about it at correct occasions as push messages also can do wonders for promoting special products and special discounts.

Reminders, the term itself specifies that it is one of the ways to bring back your existing customers – it pulls them back to you and your app. Push notifications are a way to deliver relevant information to your customers – irrespective whether they are, or not on your network.

Reminders also are helpful in addressing the most common challenge of customers who abandon their shopping carts after enlisting items into it. Push messages can be used to remind them of their unfinished shopping or kind of “you have abandoned items that you needed in the shopping cart”.

Customers feel empowered when they are able to avail the option of personalized messaging. Push messages enable them to control the time and medium how they would want to receive the messages. This altogether makes it more effective a channel for conversation between your customers and your brand – you hold them too close to your heart. Your customers permit you to have a dialogue with them and also are indicating what they want to hear from you about and when. But this privilege needs to be used with precaution – as bombarding them with unwanted messages and information, may drive them away from you and your brand.

Your Mobile app should be Social

You can very well say that your app is naturally social, but believe me they are social enough to engage the users of your apps, and not the peers. Hence; a truly social mobile app is the one that can connect the user to your app for that enhanced positive user experience. If I have to give an example; Facebook Connect has been one of the most powerful and long reigning app with login mechanism available in the market for majority of mobile apps. Your customers i.e., users to your app will be inclined to use – share and promote your content – if they are able to log in through Facebook.


You as a service or product provider, equipped with an application that is engaging – compelling and with informative features is work half done. But not to forget that the competition is tough and hence you need to have an extra edge over competitors by going that extra mile in form of well-equipped Mobile apps development service providers. The more efforts that you make to improve user engagement through your app, will ultimately surface in form of enhanced brand loyalty and improved app engagement.

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