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Enterprise solutions become more Communication-Centric with the onset of 2015

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Enterprises solutions have come out as path-breakers… one of the most effective tools in the hand to enhance productivity and collaboration across diversified and expanding workforce. The business world is extremely volatile and hence constantly changing; to cater to the overwhelming (and sometimes, even unreasonable) demands of businesses across different verticals; many emerging as well as even some big-shots companies are exploring various ways and means to bring the teams together, increasing the mutual collaboration among team members.

Since, year 2014 was by and large ruled by enterprise solutions; several industry watchers are expecting some really awesome stuff from the Information technology companies. In fact, these companies are already making big promises to resolve challenges right from managing overloaded mailboxes to ensured mobility.

Enterprise Solutions


Well, then it’s the time to fulfill these promises!!!

Frankly speaking, in this year, what I and for that matter, everyone with a business to handle are expecting to see is a shift, a drastic change from making investments in the (advanced) technologies which simply gives the employees another “new thing to check out”. In a way, what is actually expected is something unique that truly drives productivity by giving right information to the right person, and obviously at the right time. So, what are these “unique” things that are estimated or should I say required? Let’s check out on some of the trends and technology assets which can do some “value-addition” to the enterprise solutions in 2015.

Real-time messaging – The trump card to make workplace communications effective:

Getting the job done on time is the secret of a successful and money-minting organization. And therefore, any business house would for sure value an instant, critical messaging instead of the ancient emails which may get stuck in your mailbox for years (well, no offences, but yes, in today’s fast-pace life, real time messaging services have become extremely important.)

So, let’s forget about incorrect spellings or grammar (which of course will become difficult with mobile communications), nonetheless, mobile communications solution would end the many frivolous formalities and get things done at the time when it needed to done.

Employee actions to get a “happy-ending” with Effective Business intelligence:

BI platforms are an asset to business environment – It adds value to almost everything right from resource allocation and performance optimization. However, a close examination of the individual employee’s contributions to getting the work finish has been very vague since different platforms weren’t built to be that realistic or cross-platform. The coming year is all about looking for “people analytics” to extend the enterprise communications.

Validation of the “Small” solutions to quickly add some more value to the enterprise:

Mobile solutions are gaining brownie points; and therefore, the organizations have to maintain a pace for their IT deployments aiming to outpace the mobile solutions. To do so, integrations must not be complicated, but rather easy and simple to deploy. It will add to the beauty of the cloud-based solutions. In fact, the age of having cumbersome and costly “integration consultants” is
perhaps coming to its end.

Intuitive UIs from mobile solutions is the key to Win the Race!

Mobile solutions have become a normal thing – in fact, the mobile ones are very much likely to influence the solutions. All that these ‘mobile’ employees are an intuitive UI that “sticks” mainly due to its simplicity –Such solutions are not complicated therefore, the employee can easily carry on their jobs. The above expectations, if meant duly can truly change the course of enterprise communication and make it more successful.

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