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Common Mistakes that have Huge Impact on Software Development Consulting Projects

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Common Software Development Mistakes

Pioneering and novice software solutions can go a long way in enhancing value and propagating an exclusive offer to the customers. But the most important thing is the fact that organizations take the process of software development consulting very lightly. This is where the problem starts. It has been found through a research that approximately 3000 ideas are created in order to create ten software development ideas and the amazing fact is that only one of these ten will end up gaining commercial success in the market. Hence, you can imagine the kind of efforts that software developers need to put in to get favorable results.

The odds are always against the organizations before the software developers initiate the software development consulting process. This write-up will give you a head start on the common prevalent mistakes that are happening while carrying out software development projects.

Overlooking the Importance of Detection and Mitigation of Software Defects lies at the Crux

It is very obvious that if there are any defects in the software it results into a costly affair. There was a research conducted by National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), wherein it was found that in the US alone software errors are estimated to be approximately $59.5 billion per annum. It has also been found that one-third of these costs can be eradicated with the assistance of enhanced testing infrastructure that makes it easy to detect and remove software defects.

Let us Look at Some of the Figures Pertaining to the Mistakes that can have Huge Impact on Software Development Projects:

Addition of Multiple People on Software Development Consulting Project

Kraut and colleagues in their report pertaining to organizational changes in productivity and quality of work-life, have found that the productivity of the software development consulting project goes down by at least 25% when multiple people are employed on software development project. This is due to the fact that as more and more people are employed on the project the productivity of the software developers goes down. Moreover, it is quite difficult to assign the tasks to teams, as there are certain tasks that need to be done individually.

Considering Wrong Apparatus for Gauging Success of Project

It has been found that about 15% of software development consulting projects fail due to the fact that the organizations select the wrong apparatus for gauging success of the project.

According to Maurice Wilkes, the British computer scientist best renowned for his work on EDSAC, “The sooner we initiated programming it was found that it was intricate to get programs right. In fact lot of times debugging had to be revealed. This resulted in finding lot of mistakes in my programs.”

It is not very easy to make codes less intricate or assign more time to develop it. But the one thing that can be done is using advanced static source code analysis that can be utilized to scrutinize the paths of a given code.

It was found that one of the renowned software development companies was estimated to be $30,000,000 a year manufacturer. They sold ERP software about two years ago. The project had a shelf life of 2 years and a budget of two million dollars. But even after two years and having, spent four million dollars the project is only 10-15% finished.

It is very important to understand that software engineering is not a breeze. If you are keeping a strong hold on the budget and are looking for swift results, you will get poor quality or the entire project will fail. Hence, it is very important to give time to the project and spend judiciously to get favorable results.

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