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4 Best PHP Frameworks that Saw Big Time Success in 2014

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The past few years saw a dramatic rise of PHP. It is considered as one of the incredibly powerful platform for various web and software applications development.

This write-up aims at clearing this dilemma – This post compiles a list stating the most popular PHP frameworks for 2014.

4 Best PHP Frameworks

As matter of fact, you will find almost 50% of the web applications powered by PHP! With solidly configured PHP frameworks the PHP developers have been able to create simple, manageable, yet extremely interactive applications.  Since, there are numerous PHP frameworks in the market; and this creates a situation where making a choice becomes extremely difficult.

The post here will showcase the extensive advantages and the uses of each framework and why they have able to carve a niche for themselves in the competitive market.

  • Symfony 2

This modified version of Symfony, a very important PHP framework for web projects helps in an accelerated creation and maintenance of the PHP web applications.

Symfony 2 is a series of reusable PHP components and a framework for web applications. Being a well-documented, free, it has attained a cult-personality like popularity. Drupal, one of the most widespread CMS systems is build using Symfony. It is widely accepted as one of the most powerful, scalable and flexible PHP frameworks.

  • Laravel : A Framework specially for the Web Artisans

A free, open source PHP framework, Laravel is designed to develop MVC web applications. Many PHP developers have found this framework to be extremely effective; as it enables them to create marvelous applications.

As a matter of fact, it has taken PHP frameworks to the whole new plain. It supports simple, easy-to-read syntax; resulting into painless web development. It has also eased down the common tasks, like authentication, routing, sessions and caching. Being a readable and well-documented framework; it helps the developers to accelerate the coding. Moreover, it uses solid, tested components of the Symfony framework resulting into simple conventions, and facilitates the modern programming patterns.

  • Phalcon

Being a speediest PHP framework for web development; it has found a place in the top ten. Created on C, it is offered as a PHP extension, where speed it not compromised!

A major reason for the rise is its high performance and low use of resources. Phalcon has been successful, by creating a rich, completely featured framework written in C and packed as a PHP extension, in saving the processor time and thrust the overall performance.

With Google taking the “site speed” into account for better the search rankings, performance has become number one priorities alongside functionality. And so, many developers are now moving towards Phalcon to enhance the web performance and bring about a positive impact on a website.

  • CodeIgniter

Agile and open PHP web application framework, with a tiny footprint it is seen as the next big thing in the world of web applications.

CodeIgniter is a potent PHP framework, built for PHP developers who require an easy, yet elegant toolkit for creating feature-rich web applications. It is highly helpful to the developers who work on real-time application with shared hosting accounts and clients. It reduces the unnecessary efforts, with its thoroughly documented framework.

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