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4 Best Frameworks for HTML5 – iPhone and 3D Mobile Game Development

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There resides a small child in all of us! – And this is so evident from the pace with which the digital gaming industry is flourishing!

4 Frameworks for HTML5

The advent of smartphones took this entire gaming industry to a whole new level! In the recent years, 3D game development has surpassed all records and has achieved great heights. The rise of simple, manageable and scalable gaming frameworks has given mobile game development a completely new dimension to this industry.

Unlike, the native mobile applications, these frameworks use the web technologies, thus making the games compatible on a wide array of platforms.

This post is an attempt to shed some light on the some of the amazing frameworks available in the market, which results into creation of extraordinary Mobile applications.


Considered as one of the most potential HTML 5 mobile game development frameworks; Ionic is created using the SASS.

It provides numerous UI elements for developing extremely rich and interactive apps. It utilizes the JavaScript MVVM framework, AngularJS to run apps. AngularJS supports two-way data binding, a solid interface with the backend services and APIs creation, making this framework, the primary choice of any game developer. Moreover, the framework is soon expected to revise the version and introduce facilities like drag and drop, initiating a quicker app development.

Mobile Angular UI

An HTML 5 framework, Mobile Angular UI uses bootstrap 3 and AngularJS to build interactive and interesting mobile apps. Bootstrap 3 supports component such as switches, overlays and sidebars that are usually not present in the normal bootstrap; giving this framework an upper hand above all.

Also with AngularJS the developers can include the angular-route, touch and animate making the games more interactive. Mobile Angular UI, by and large, doesn’t depend on the jQuery, so you just require some AngularJS directives to create an intuitive mobile user experience.

Appcelerator Titanium

Appcelerator’s Titanium is an open source mobile application framework known for providing a supportive environment to build apps for several mobile platforms.

Titanium offers one-stop solution to build hybrid mobile apps with everything you need at one place. Titanium SDK being equipped with a number of mobile platform APIs and Cloud service can be effectively use as an app backend. Platform independent APIs, Titanium makes it simpler to access any phone hardware.

This MVC framework enables swift development of mobile apps. Since, modules created using Alloy are simple to reuse over different apps, hence it considerably reduces the development time and the lines of code.

Sencha Touch

Excellent for creating apps for different platforms like iOS, Android, Blackberry; Sencha Touch is considered as an excellent HTML 5 mobile app framework. It scores some extra points as it provides a native look and feel across all of the platforms it supports.

The Bottom-line, with HTML 5 mobile development progressing with each passing day new options will popping up! Just take a good look at each of them and choose according to your requirements.

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