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3 Mobile App development mistakes you should always avoid!!!

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A brilliant business idea – And you want to take it to a new level with a mobile application. Well, certainly a clever move!

Seeing the level of popularity these apps are enjoying in the market; they are paving a strong path for all kinds of exciting business ideas.

However, the problem lies especially for many small and medium sized businesses, is to figure out the proper approach.

Mobile App Development Mistakes

Here, we have complied some of the mobile apps development mistakes which one needs to avoid to get an application that is completely in-sync with your business.

Inadequate Platform Considerations.

iOS, Android or  Windows – Which platform is the best for me?

This question is often confronted by the app developers; however, often they fail to systematically scrutinize each option at their disposal.

Some developers go for the stereotypical choice. It’s quite common to developers opting for iOS merely because they think monetization would be simpler on the Apple Store. It can be true in some cases, however it’s not universal rule. In addition to this, there are some other factors that needs to be considered before selecting a platform.

One should keep in mind that iOS may be highly popular in the U.S., Android holds supremacy over a much larger global scale.

So, if you want to reach to different countries at once, go for Android over iOS! Now, when you are absolutely clear about the platform, ensure that you think of every possibility and alternative failing which, might land you up with the risk of severely confining your audience.

Taking Mobile Experience as a Downsized Version of Web Experience.

Get one thing straight! – A mobile app is basically different from a website. It differs in everything right from the size, functionality to its scope. And this difference is important! Another pitfall area where people usually get trapped is thinking that their app should do everything that the site does – This is not true at all!

The thing that demarcates the mobile apps from their desktop counterpart is intuitive interfaces. And with the responsive web design making the desktop experience more user-friendly than before, it takes more to explain the presence of a new app.

So, before you jump into the fray, do everything in your capacity to identify what makes the product unique, and then materialize it into a piece of remarkably -designed software.

Your App isn’t Going to Sell Itself.

Irrespective of the level of optimistic about the launch, when you actually introduce an app, you’re jumping it into an arena with thousands of gladiators. If you lack a holistic plan to increase presence, you are certainly putting your success on stake! Identify your audience before planning any marketing campaign to gain maximum advantage.

Again you need to plan a very comprehensive strategy to attract potential audience to make increase the outreach of your application and eventually give an impetus to your business.

Bottom line, mobile applications can turn into a bad choice, if you are making the above mentioned mistakes.

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